Sleeping Better At Night

There are some people who fall asleep within ten seconds of lying down in their beds. They will never, ever wake up until the morning, not even if you poke them or make loud noises in the vicinity. On the other hand, there are others who will find it very difficult to get some shuteye, no matter how tired or sleepy they are. These people will often just move around in their beds for hours before they will finally manage to sleep.

If you belong this latter group of people, you may have already tried several methods to help you sleep better at night. If you have failed to come up with anything of notice, you may want to consider reading the following tips and tricks, as well as implementing them to see whether you can notice any changes in your sleeping habits:

Plan a Sleeping Schedule – The most common reason for not being able to sleep as soon as you fall into your bed is the fact that you are not following a set sleeping pattern. You are probably having different sleeping hours for your working days and holidays, which is something that your body doesn’t really like constantly adjusting to. Instead of doing this, try sticking to a set pattern, going to bed and waking up at exactly the same hours, regardless of what day it is.

Eat for Dinner, but in Moderation – Never go to bed when hungry, as it will only make it harder for you to fall asleep. Have a light meal for dinner, one that is just enough to fill you up without making you feel uncomfortable. Avoid eating too many oily foods, as you may have trouble digesting them over the night, thus making it harder for you to sleep comfortably.

Do Some Exercising – Another way to make you fall asleep much faster is to work out your body until it feels tired. The best way to do this (other than working the whole day) is to do some kind of exercising (even light exercising like practising yoga at Coburg works). You will see a significant difference in how long it takes for your eyes to automatically close and hence, the time it takes to fall asleep.

Relax Your Mind – Worrying about too many things at once is also a perfect way to stay awake throughout the night without being able to get some proper sleep. A good way to relax your mind before sleeping is perform a nice meditation for a few minutes before you head to bed. Start attending a few meditation classes for help on getting started.

Create a Good Sleeping Environment – The place where you sleep is also an important factor when it comes to being able to get some proper sleep. You want your bedroom to be a dark, quiet and cool place at night. Avoid trying to sleep near any light sources, no matter how faint they may be.