Attaining Nirvana Through Mindfulness

Many of us who have read about the life of Buddha and the struggles and intense asceticism, it entails might wonder how his doctrines could be inculcated in one’s own life. Does it always mean that one needs to leave this world and go into the forest? While that is literally not possible today, it is a misleading concept that one needs to forgo everything in the world to attain Nirvana.

What is Nirvana?

The word has a literal meaning which is “to extinguish”. It means that you extinguish the sense of yourself, of your ego that prevents you from seeing the world apart from yourself. Our perspective of the world is colored by our views, opinions, needs and desires. If these are removed from one’s perspective, they are able to see the world as it is, apart from what they want it to be or how they want to change it. One way to start to get into such a mind frame is to practice yoga in a good studios. The simple practices of berating and stretches as well as beneficial body postures help one to concentrate on their body and mental health to begin with.


While Nirvana might be the absence of self, mindfulness is the journey to undertake towards such an aim. It means, in simple terms, to focus on one’s breathing and being aware of all that goes on around them in a certain moment. Even a few minutes of mindfulness will help one to realize that how someone’s thoughts keep coming in between. Pushing such thoughts away and allowing one to become one with their environment is a simple but essential step towards reaching the final goal.

Practices that help

In order to get into the state of mindfulness, one needs to get into the daily practices of the body and mind that can help one to focus. For that reason the yoga classes can be beneficial. As the yoga techniques help in aligning the body and mind and strengthening the same, these poses, exercises and breathing techniques help one to align towards the art of mindfulness. When one is able to see their own actions and reactions from a third person perspective, they can slowly stretch the same in the way they view the world.

These practices need to be inculcated in one’s daily exercise and meditation routine which should be practiced in a calm and stress free environment.