All About Basketball

Basketball is a team sport and one of the most common games now that is played by a lot of people all over the world. There are two teams involved in playing this game. Each team has about five members each and they play at a basketball court that is basically a rectangular field that is divided into two with a mid-line that is drawn on it. This mid line divides the court into two sections basically. Each section has a basketball hoop at its end, two in total. A score is made when the ball gets through the basketball net of the hoop and thus the team gets a score. If the score is availed form outside the arc where they usually shoot from, then the team is awarded with a three-point score, and that shot is known as a three pointer as well. There is a center player, that is usually the player that is tall in each team. There are players that play the forward, these are the next tallest players in the team and then there are guards, who are possibly the shortest ones on the team.

Just like every other game there are fouls in this game too. To name a few, they are hitting, pushing, screening and illegal picking at the member of the defensive team. There are penalties that follow if any of these fouls are committed by the player of a specific team. For example, a team member of the defensive team is pushed while he was attempting to make a shoot by the three pointer, then he would be given three free shoots while the other players would just see him shoot. And in the case where the defensive player is pushed while he was shooting for the three points shoot and he is successful too, he would still be awarded with a free shoot, so in all he would be able to get a four-point score from that.

Other than the fouls, there are violations, some of these are walking or travelling. Travelling is when a player takes one and a half step with the ball without dribbling it. Another violation is when there is a double dribble to the ball, it happens when the player dribbles the ball with both of his hands at the same time or maybe he picks up the dribble and starts dribbling again, even that is counted as double dribbling and that is a violation in the basketball game. One more violation can be of the held ball, it is when two players of the same team keep on passing the ball to one another for a long time, then the referee steps in and have them rotate the ball to other members as well.