April 2016

Not everyone wants to go further academically but if your child is good in sports and is passionate about it. Then that’s the path they should strive for, do not try to hold them back. Becoming a sport person won’t be a peace of cake, it will take tons of dedication and hard work. You will have to push your boundaries and get ready to complete with the whole world; it’s only you against the world. First off, try to be noticed but showing off your skills and also just because you’re good in sports doesn’t mean that you have to give up your studies. Keep in mind that nothing will be possible without a burning motivation and always remind yourself why you started when you feel like giving up.  You have to train smart and train hard to achieve your goals and to get selected for tennis lessons Inner West Sydney. Believe in yourself. It’s okay to make mistakes but don’t let them pull you back. Don’t let negativity reach you.  The belief in your heart that you can move mountains will get you a long way.

How to train smart

Anyone can train, but the ones train smart knows what they are doing and knows the things which needs to be achieved. The most important things that has to be managed are food, sleep and time; they are equally important as they are the fuels which improves the quality of your lifestyle. Don’t waste your precious time, go to bed early, eat clean and work on your path to your dreams. If you set your mind to it, your body will always be ready. After food, sleep and time management comes training. Your training sessions cannot be easy, always look for a challenge and a hard training session. Yes, your whole body will ache but all the hard work will definitely pay off. If you’re interested in a sport like tennis, it will be a wise move to get training advice from a coach and also to engage in tennis classes. Every second you spend training will bring you one step closer to your goal.

How to be your own coach

There are hard times when you have to be your own coach. A coach will provide you with motivation and strength but there comes a time when you have to provide yourself with motivation and strength. You have to get yourself out of the comfort zone, forcing yourself to work harder. You’re the only person who can correct your errors and you’re the only person who decides if you’re taking a step forward or backward. You have to be responsible for every move and mistake that you make. When you’re tired, ask yourself if you’re really tired or if you want to continue your workout for another minute, two minutes or even five minutes. Don’t let your body limit your mind’s expectations. Also, you have to give your body the required rest, when its time to rest. You can either be your own hero or your downfall, it all depends on how you decide to treat yourself.